How to redeem gift cards on paxful

Gift cards is one of the most popular gift you can give to someone because they give the recipient the freedom to purchase whatever they want. Gift cards have been around for a while now but nowadays they are portable, more valuable, and are very easy to use, all this makes gift cards extremely popular. There is quite a number of gist cards out there and some of the popular ones are iTunes Gift Card, Apple Store Gift Card, Netflix Gift Card, Uber Gift Card, Xbox Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, Neosurf Gift Card and several others. It can happen that you have received a gift card and you don’t wan’t to use it at that particular moment, you will be excited to know that Paxful gives you a great opportunity to actually monetize your gift card (you can get cash-back on your gift cards). Before explaining how you can redeem your gift cards, it is important to briefly explain what Paxful is all about.

What is Paxful?

Paxful is a crypto exchange which is very popular worldwide in all the countries it operates from and it gives its customers with a simple, fair and secure platform for trading the value of their work. The company has a proven track record in the cryptocurrency industry as it was founded 7 years ago in 2015. Paxful is a Peer to Peer Bitcoin marketplace which connects buyers with sellers. In just 7 years of existence, Paxful now has over 6 million users around the world, which is a significant number. Please notr that Paxful is not regulated in any country and the advantage of this is that it allows the exchange to provide its services worldwide. Gift cards are a popular payment method on Paxful and this company offers you a an exciting opportunity to trade in your Gift cards for Bitcoin instantly. There is quite a huge number of gift cards on the Paxful platform and they are categorised as;


Online shopping and Retail

Movies and entertainment

Food and restaurants

Travel, Taxi and Destinations

Prepaid credit cards


Department stores / retail


Mobile Refills

How do you redeem your gift cards on Paxful?

In order for you to redeem your Gift card on the Paxful platform, you must follow the simple proceedures below, please note that you need to be a registered Paxful user.

Visit the official Paxful website and login

Click on the ‘Gift Card Hub’ on the main menu

Click on ‘Buy’ on the main menu

On the ‘Pay Via’ option, select the Gift Card in your possesion

Enter the amount you wish to spend

Indicate the Offer location and the Offer owner location as well

There are tags available, select the ones preferable to you;

cash only

cash receipt only

e-gift cards

no receipt needed

physical cards

receipt required

Click on ‘Find Offers’ , if you find a desirable offer, you can make the transaction.

How to withdraw from Binance to Mpesa

Binance is one of the leading crypto exchanges in the world and what makes Binance so popular is the fact that the company offers its users the freedom to earn, hold, spend, share and give their money. Binance was launched about 5 years ago in July 2017 by Changpeng Zhao and within a year Binance grew to become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Binance offers several cryptocurrencies on its platform including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin and several others, in fact there is more than 200 cryptocurrencies available on the platform. What also makes Binance popular with crypto traders is the fact that it has low trading fees and therefore customers can realise huge profits as compared to other crypto exchanges. Binance can be accessed through its website or mobile App. Binance is available in several countries around the world including Kenya, and this article seeks to explain how you can withdraw from Binance to Mpesa.

Withdrawing from Binance to Mpesa?

You need to follow the instructions below in order for you to be able to withdraw from Binance to Mpesa;

Visit the official Binance website at and login

Click on ‘Withdraw’ from your account.

Select the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw.

Select the network (in this case, the network is Mpesa)

Please note that you will also see the network fees for this transaction and you must make sure that the network matches the addresses network entered to avoid withdrawal losses.

Proceed by entering the recipient address or select from your address book list.

Enter the withdrawal amount and you will be able to see the corresponding transaction fee and the final amount you receive. 

Click on the ‘Withdraw’ option to proceed.

You need to verify the transaction in order for it to be successful because if you input the wrong information or select the wrong network when making a transfer, your assets will be permanently lost.

If everything is in order, click Submit. You’ll be able to see your outgoing withdrawals in your Transaction history.

Please note . Please, make sure that the information is correct before making a transfer.

How to verify Coinbase

Coinbase is a popular crypto exchange that offers a fair, accessible, efficient, and transparent financial system. Coinbase was launched about a decade ago in the year 2012 and at the core of their buisiness is the idea that people should be able to easily and securely send and receive Bitcoin. With Coinbase, users can buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies and you will be excited to know that the company offers over 100 tradable cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin and several others. The company offers more opportunities to earn cryptocurrencies to its customers as they can either earn interest on eligible balances, or get a small amount of a new currency through Coinbase Earn. Coinbase runs two different platforms and these are Coinbase and Coinbase Pro, the two have their own unique differences but the similarities lie in the fact that each allows you to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. 

You are required to register for a Coinbase account in order for you to start trading on the platform, but please note that mere registration alone is not enough but there is need for you to verify your account as this will make you get the most out of your Coinbase account. Coinbase doesn’t request you to verify you account just for the sake of it, Coinbase will actually be complying with financial regulations which requires them to verify your identity. The good thing about the Coinbase verification process is that it is very easy and it can either be done via the Coinbase mobile App or website. Before we proceed to explaining the verification process, you need to know the types of IDs which are accepted by Coinbase, IDs accepted by Coinbase are;

United States

State-issued IDs such as a Driver License or Identification Card

Outside of United States


Government-issued photo ID

National Identity Card

Important: Please ensure your document is valid—we can’t accept expired IDs.

Please note that documents such as United States Passports, United States Permanent Resident Card (Green Card), School IDs, Medical IDs, Temporary (paper) IDs, Residence Permit, Public Services Card and Military IDs are unacceptable.

To verify your account, select any of the accepted ID types listed above

Proceed to select the method you will use to upload your ID, available methods are;


Mobile Camera

Once you have selected your upload method, you will receive a message to either your phone or email with instructions to complete the step’

Proceed to take a photo of the front and back opf your ID

Once you have completed this step, you will receive an email confirming whether or not your ID was verified

Below are some tips to make sure your ID is visible when capturing it with either a phone camera or webcam;

Use the latest version of Google Chrome browser (whether you’re on a computer or mobile device)

Your phone’s camera typically produces the clearest photo

Make sure your area is well-lit (natural light works best)

Use indirect light for your ID to avoid glare

If you must use a webcam, try setting the ID flat down and move the webcam instead of moving the ID

Use a plain background for the ID

Don’t hold the ID in your fingers (confuses the focusing lens)

Prestmit Promo Codes

If you have signed up for an online account of some sort, you are most likely to have come across the term ‘Promo Code’ because a lot of online business use these codes to offer discounts to their clients, businesses like Uber, Bolt, Amazon, Netflix and several others make use of these promo codes, but what exactly are promo codes? Promo codes or Promotional codes are alphanumeric strings that online stores offer to encourage purchases on their website and are typically associated with an overarching promotional marketing strategy. The discount associated with a promo code can apply to individual products or an entire order. It is important to note that promo codes are not offered by the companies listed above, crypto exchanges also offer promo codes and Prestmit is no exception.

What is Prestmit

Prestmit is a very popular African crypto exchange which originated from Nigeria and is now available in several other African countries. Prestmit has a user-centric platform which is designed to enable you to easily trade, buy and sell various digital assets including gift cards, bitcoins, USDT, litecoins, dogecoins, airtime and data topup. Please note that you can sell any unused gift cards at amazing rates on the Prestmit platform. Prestmit is available for both web and mobile users. The crypto rate on the Prestmit platform is determined by the market forces of demand and supply. When making the payments on the Prestmit platform, there is a couple of payment methods you can use including the Naira, which is a fiat currency. Please note that the Prestmit payment facility is one of the best in the crypto industry and you will get your payment in the very same minute. Prestmit is available for both web and mobile users, this is very important and it actually makes the exchange a convenient one because you are able to trade from wherever you may be using any internet connected device of your choice. The Prestmit platform is secure because it uses the 2FA authentication, a process which requires two steps in order to verify a user. As earlier indicated, Prestmit also uses Promo Codes on its platform.

About the Prestmit Promo Codes

The Prestmit Promo codes work just like any other Promo codes you have come across and when you apply the promo code on trade page, you will get extra money on your trade amount. The good thing about Prestmit is that it tries as much as possible to always issue out these promo codes for its customers. The Promo codes from Prestmit are for different purposes but the major goal is to reward the customer and make them happy.
Each and every registered Prestmit user is entitled to using the Promo codes issued out as long as they meet the Promo code requirements. The Promo codes issued out by Prestmit do not carry the same value and the value of the Promo code is set by Prestmit itself. Prestmit always posts its Promo codes on its social media pages, via emails and also on their website.

How to use the Prestmit Promo codes

Using the Prestmit Promo codes is quite a simple exercise, you simply have to follow the simple exercise below:
Locate The Field
On the trade page, locate the field titled “Promo Code”. It’s a small text field where you are meant to input or paste the promo code.
Paste Code
Input the code manually in the box or paste it if you already have it copied. Ensure that there are no spaces in between, before or after the code.
Apply Code
There is a small button beside the field that says “APPLY CODE”. Once you click this button, the system will check if your trade details meet the requirements of the promo code.
Get Result
If successful, the amount on the promo code would be added to your trade amount E.G If your trade is 30,000 naira and the promo code amount is 2,000 naira, that means you’ll receive 32,000 naira total.
If it so happens that the code did not work, it means that the code did not meet the requirements, you can choose to remove it to add another one, or proceed with the trade without code.