BitAfrika is one of African success stories when it comes to the world of cryptocurrency because African governments have made it difficult for cryptocurrency exchanges to operate and thrive in Africa, but despite the unfavourible conditions, BitAfrika are offering crypto investors an excellent trading service. BitAfrika is a Ghanaian cryptocurrency exchange and they will soon be launching their services in several other African countries.
This crypto exchange (BitAfrika) has been an instant hit ever since it was launched and the reason why it is popular is because it allows traders to send and receive bitcoin hassle free with their friends and family from anywhere in the world in a matter of moments. You obviuosly know that making international FIAT transactions is not cheap, but BitAfrika doesn’t have cross-border control and fees, storage is secure and free, so you can actually see that there are many advantages using such a platform. Additionally, BitAfrika does not limit you on how much you wish to transact on any given day, making it such a convenient platform.
It is important to note that you will not find all the cryptocurrencies on this platform, in fact, BitAfrika only offers a few coins on its platform for trading. The BitAfrika exchange provides easy and fast access to cryptocurrencies whilst giving users full control over their portfolio. Indications are that more cryptocurrencies will be introduced at a later stage.
One of the many great things on the BitAfrika platform is that security is guaranteed because the company does not at any moment keep or store your funds on the platform and this makes everything 100% safe.
Bitafrika offers multiple payment options, competitive rates and free transfers between bitafrika users. Users can actually choose between several payment and payout options such as Mobile Money and Bank Transfer. At the present moment you can only use Mobile Money (MTN Momo) to make your deposits and Bank Transfers are used for withdrawals only.

How to register with BitAfrika?

Registering for a BitAfrika account is so simple, but please note that you can only register on the App as the registration option is not available on the website. In order for you to be considered a BitAfrika client, you have to be registered and you can do that by:
Accessing the BitAfrika mobile App
Click on the ‘Create an Account’ button
Fill in the registration form with the following:
Click on the ‘continue’ button
You will receive a verification code in your email, insert this OTP in the spaces provided on the App and verify your account.
How do I receive funds from others on the BitAfrika platform?
Tap on the ‘Receive’ button on the home screen which should lead you to the wallet address of your choice. Give your wallet address to anyone who wants to send you funds.
Due to security reasons, its always best to let others scan your wallet address using the QR image displayed beside your wallet address. If your device is infected with malware, they are likely to replace your wallet address with theirs once you copy the address into your phone’s memory.
What are the fees for sending funds on the BitAfrika platform?
While our wallet is free to use and receive funds on, there is a fee cryptocurrency networks charge which is given to a group of individuals called miners, for their help in securing the network by running computations on high end processing equipment in order to ensure the security and validity of transactions on the blockchain.
Which cryptocurrencies does BitAfrika support?
As earlier stated, BitAfrika does not support quite a number of cryptocurrencies on its platform yet but of course it is only a matter of time before they start offering many coins to their customers. Below are the cryptocurrencies available on the platform:
BitAfrika Customer Care
BitAfrika has a decent customer care service and you can get in touch with them via a number of communication channels. You can get in touch with BitAfrika via:
Whatsapp : +233 54 533 5586
Social Media: