Busha is a cryptocurrency exchange which was launched in the year 2019 and it has been very well received because prior to its launch, most African businesses and individuals were facing real challenges in trying to preserve their capital, but Busha is a great alternative which offers its users a platform where they can buy, sell, and manage their cryptocurrency portfolio.
Busha is connecting Africans to the global economy, and local individuals and businesses can accept payments from anyone anywhere in the world without restrictions. What makes Busha very popular is the fact that users can trade with zero fees, and this is great because some of the trading fees being charged by other crypto exchanges are just unreasonable. See Busha Login Guide.
The service offered by Busha is quite flexible as there are several ways of buying or selling your crypto. Below are some of the exciting trading features on the Busha platform:
Trade Instantly
Deposit your fiat or crypto into your secure wallet on Busha and instantly buy, sell and swap within assets. Withdraw your fiat and crypto externally in minutes.
Schedule Recurring Buys
Automatically buy crypto every day, week or month. Recurring buys use the buy price on Busha at the time of execution. Monitor your average gains real-time.
Set Limit Orders
Place a buy or sell order at a price you set
It is important for you to know that Busha provides you with an opportunity to buy, sell or swap several cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Binance Coin and several other cryptocurrencies.
Busha is an easy-to-use crypto exchange as it has a simplified user interface which can be easily used by anoyone, be it a new or seasoned trader. Please note that Busha has a dedicated App which is available for both Android and iOS, the significance of this is that you do not have any excuses not to trade because you can actually trade on the go from wherever you may be.
With Busha, there is a wallet available to store any cryptocurrency supported by the platform and the most impressive thing is that you can make instant withdrawals of funds directly into your bank account.

How to register with Busha?

Busha has a simplified registration process whereby you can easily register in an instant and start trading, Below is the simple Busha registration process:
Visit the official Busha account at https://www.busha.co/
Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button on the top-right side of the website
Input your Email and click on ‘Next’
Enter your First and Last names and click on ‘Next’
Enter your Username and click on ‘Next’
Enter your Password, then click to confirm your humanity and click on ‘Next’
You will receive a verification code which is sent to your email
Account Verification
It is very important to verify your account and there are different account levels, whereby deposit and withdrawal limits that apply to each level. There is a total of 4 levels namely;
Level 0 – Confirm your email address.
Level 1 – Confirm your mobile number and basic personal details.
Level 2 – Submit a valid means of identification.
Level 3 – Submit proof of residential address.
Busha requires all its customers to verify on level 2 in order for them to be able to withdraw. The reason why it is important for people to verify their accounts is to protect against fraudulent activity.
Level 2 Verification
In order to upgrade to level 2, you must:
Open your app or https://accounts.busha.co (if you are using the web),
Go to Level and Limits,
Click Upgrade to Level 2,
Upload your documents in the following order:
ID (National ID Card, NIN Slip, International Passport, Drivers License or BVN Printout).
A Selfie with the ID (A Selfie with the ID and a piece of paper showing ‘Buying Crypto on Busha’ with the date, your Busha username and Signature.)
Level 2 has the following limits:
Deposits (per month) – NGN 10,000,000
Withdrawals (per month) – NGN 10,000,000
Level 3 Verification
In order to upgrade to level 2, you must;
Open your app or https://accounts.busha.co (if you are using web),
Go to Level and Limits,
Click Upgrade to Level 3,
Click on either Bank Statement or Utility Bill (depending on the document you have),
Upload Document (Bank statements must be in PDF version and show transactions not less than 3 months old),
Submit and wait for verification.
Level 3 has the following limits;
Deposits (per month) – NGN 500,000,000
Withdrawals (per month) – NGN 500,000,000

How to make deposits using Busha Cash Connect?

Making deposits with Busha is such a simple practice which can be completed in a matter of moments, In order to deposit, you must;
Visit the Busha platform at https://www.busha.co/ and login
Click on the Naira wallet.
Select the Add cash icon.
Click on cash connect.
Enter the amount you want to deposit.
Select any of our trusted merchants.
Select the account you wish to make payment from (ensure it is from an account in your name).
Confirm the details of the transaction.
Pay into the bank details of the merchant provided > Click paid and wait for the partner to confirm payment.
How to make withdrawals using Busha Cash Connect?
You can easily make your withdrawals by following the simple withdrawal process below;
Visit the Busha platform at https://www.busha.co/ and login
Click on the Naira wallet.
Select the Cash out Icon.
Click on cash connect.
Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
Select the bank account you want to withdraw the funds to.
Select any of our trusted partners.
Confirm the details of the transaction and relax while you await your funds.
Click received once the funds reflect in your bank account.
Busha Customer Support
You can get in touch with Busha via a number of communication channels which are actually accesible to the users and their support team is always available to help whenever the customers have queries. You can get in touch with Busha via;
Contact Form
Email : support@busha.co
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/getbusha/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/getbusha
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/getbusha