Overview is a purely Kenyan cryptocurrency exchange startup. According to its website, the exchange is yet to launch on an undisclosed date. There is little information about the exchange on the website. The main objective of is to allow everyone to trade and participate in the cryptocurrency market with high efficiency on global standards in Kenya and Africa at large.

Platforms has no active platform at the time of writing this article. There is little information on the expected platforms and what devices they would support. However, the exchange rules out the possibility of a mobile app platform, saying there is no need to install a mobile app to have a wallet. Ruling out the need to install a mobile app to access cryptocurrencies shows that they may have a wallet version accessible through Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD).

Crypto assets support

The exchange startup plans to support the popular cryptocurrencies to ensure that users do not miss out on investment options. Some of the cryptocurrencies it intends to support are Bitcoin, Cardano, Tether, Ethereum, Tron, DogeCoin, Neo, and Litecoin. Crypto assets will be offered in the local Kenyan shilling to make it easier for the locals to join the crypto space.

Deposits and withdrawals has already stated that it would allow deposits in Kenyan Shilling for buying crypto assets. There is, however, no validated information about fees. The exchange vows to uphold global standards in providing fair prices and sourcing the crypto assets for a reputable global liquidity pool. On the purchases and digital assets availability, assures users that there will be no local quantity limitations. A global liquidity pool will allow seamless trading and faster closing of transactions. Deposits are through Debit cards, bank transfers, and the local money transfer methods, starting from as little as KES 100, which is impressive and attractive for smaller users. It opens up the exchange for everyone to invest and trade.

Security and regulations

Security is crucial when looking for a good crypto exchange to entrust with your assets. assures users that it uses cutting-edge technology to build and run the exchange. The exchange has made available secure wallets to store the digital assets upon purchase and for subsequent trading activities. follows regulations of investing applicable in Kenya. These are the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance to secure user assets. promises to provide a better trading environment at the exchange where it’s safer rather than peer-to-peer trading where user information is shared.

Trading features will present accurate cryptocurrency prices on its platform to the users. A snapshot of the incoming trading interface shows advanced trading features. Fully equipped trading tools are visible. These are essential for advanced technical analysis of the cryptocurrency charts. Market orders are also visible, which come in handy in setting trading limits. They also promise investors top-notch wallet security, built with world-class technology.

Customer support pledges to set up a robust customer service team to handle all the users’ inquiries and problems. Since the exchange is Kenyan, the entire customer service team will be based locally, conversant with both English and Kiswahili. The exchange has also set up various social media accounts on Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, where users can also reach out for customer service. The exchange has an in-site AI-based customer service bot which does not do much at the moment than registering new users.

Accessibility, being a Kenyan bred crypto exchange, seeks to spread out across Africa, where it hopes to reach the hundreds of millions of users who do not have access to digital assets. The exchange aims to boost its accessibility by allowing trades in local fiat currencies. also offers a referral program where you get rewards after inviting other users to the platform. Local payment method like M-Pesa is likely to attract many users with ease of transactions. Low deposits will ensure inclusivity and relieve over-dependence on local centralized financial institutions.

How to buy cryptocurrencies on maintains that the process for buying digital assets on their platforms is intuitive and easy to follow. The exchange claims that you will not have to install a mobile app for the process. Upon registration, verification takes minutes. Here is a simplified process on how to get started with

  1. Sign up and get verified
  2. Fund your wallet with Kenyan Shillings or through credit cards
  3. Pick your crypto asset quoted in Kenyan Shillings
  4. Set quantity and buy


The most important thing for a prospective user to note is the scarcity of reliable information about It is critical what to believe and take into consideration. Before the launch, the exchange remains a promising platform. Prospective users should take caution in downloading mobile trading application since there isn’t any before the launch, at least not officially at Google Play Store or Apple Store. For reliable information, users should follow the official social media accounts of the exchange or follow up information on their official website.