PayPlux is a Ghanaian cryptocurrency exchange which allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with your mobile money directly in GHS with ease. This is one of the oldest digital currency service providers in Ghana as it was established over 15 years ago and its main focus is to make digital currencies accessible to everyone, what this means is that PayPlux does not only focus on cryptocurrencies, but just digital currencies as a whole.
PayPlux has diverse payment methods which allow you to carry out your buying and selling transactions using Mobile Money (MTN Mobile Money, AirtelTigo Money, Vodafone Cash, which is one of the most used payment systems in Ghana, and this makes the PayPlux service a convenient one.
PayPlux has made a significant impact over the years and to date, the exchange has served over 85 000 users, over 1.2 Million orders have been processed so far and over $8.5 Million worth of ecurrency has been exchanged, this shows just how effective this cryptocurrency exchange has been.
The good thing about PayPlux is that it offers some of the top digital currencies, while it is true that the exchange has to offer more digital currencies, the ones they are offering are the most sought after. The digital currencies on the PalPlux platform are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cach, Perfect Money, Litecoin and Ethereum.
In order for you to secure your account, you can activate your 2-factor authentication (2FA) to ensure that your account is always safe from third party intrusions. Additionally, you can occationally change your password without any hassle. Beginners are well catered for on the PayPlux platform because there is a lot of content on the PayPlux platform that provides answers for most of the commonly asked questions about using our platforms. There are several articles that will help users in their crypto trading journey.

How to register with PayPlux?

In order for you to use the services of PayPlux, you must sign up for an account on their website and this is a simple exercise. To Sign Up, you must:
Visit the PayPlux official website at
Click on the blue ‘Get Started’ button.
Enter details required to sign up
Check email for verification code/link and verify your email account
Enter phone number, check your phone for verification SMS and enter the code
Once your account is verified, you can start transacting!
PayPlux Account Verification
There is definitely a need for you to have your account verified because verifying your account unlocks the options for either Buying or making deposits. To verify your ID, you must;
Take a clear picture of a valid ID (These are the ONLY accepted IDs – Ghana Card, Passport and Driver’s License)
Get a sheet of paper and write the following details on it:
Date (the date on which you are submitting these requirements)
Sign – your official signature
Hold the sheet of paper together with your ID Card and let someone take a photo of you. Be sure it’s clear as possible. Do not be bare chested. Ensure it’s a well-lit area.
After completing the steps above, kindly contact PayPlux via livechat.
PayPlux Phone Number Verification
You are also required to verify your phone number by PayPlux and this is to help secure your PayPlux account. In order for you to verify your phone number on the PayPlux platform, you must;
Login to your account on launch
Navigate to Settings from the Menu
Navigate to My Profile and click on Verify Phone Number or Resend Verification SMS
Enter or Select the phone number you want to verify
Click Send Code to receive an SMS with the Verification Code
Enter the Verification Code and click Verify Phone Number
Your phone number is verified now
How to Top Up your PayPlux Prepaid Wallet?
A serious trader must always have a well funded waller so that he or she can trade hassle free anytime. In order for you to top up your wallet, you must;
Login to your account on launch
Navigate to “Wallets” from the menu
Click Add Funds and enter amount
Choose preferred payment method and provide necessary details
Your deposit will be confirmed and your prepaid wallet credited
How to Withdraw From Cash-Out Wallet
Withdrawing from the Cash-Out wallet is quite simple as you just have to follow the simple steps below;
Login to your account on launch
Navigate to “Wallets” from the menu
Click on the Cash-Out Wallet tab
Click Withdraw Funds and enter amount
Enter your mobile money details
Your withdrawal will be confirmed and your mobile money account credited
Which cryptocurrencies does PayPlux offer?
PayPlux offers some of the top digital currencies, but of course this crypto exchange has to offer more digital currencies because the ones they are offering are just not enough.The digital currencies on the PalPlux platform are;
Bitcoin Cach
PayPlux Customer Support
PayPlux has a great customer support service as you can get in touch with them to help solve all kinds of technical issues. You can get in touch with PayPlux via;
Phone: (+233) 54 257 0075