Remitano is an emerging crypto exchange which was founded in the year 2016 by Babylon Solutions Limited and it provides escrow P2P Bitcoin marketplace where traders can buy and sell Bitcoin easily. Remitano is currently available in a couple of countries namely including Australia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, South Africa amongst other countries, the good thing is that the company continues to grow and they could be launching their services in several other countries soon.
In its initial stages, Remitano only started as a Bitcoin Peer-to-Peer marketplace but the company has now grown to include other services and the trade of more cryptocurrencies and at the moment, the company offers a total of 8 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum amongst others.
What makes the Remitano trading platform so popular with traders is the fact that it has a simplified User Interface unlike other crypto exchange companies with imposing UI which can be overwhelming for traders. Since many people do not thoroughly understand cryptocurrencies, Remitano has a friendly online customer support which is available 24/7 to assist customers. Last but not least, the company has some of the lowest fees in the industry and that is music to the ears of the traders.
You will be excited to know that Remitano also supports the deposit and withdrawal of fiat currencies for certain jurisdictions, generally, the company has adequate deposit options on the platform.
The main menu has some of the most important features on the Remitano platform which are Buy & Sell, Swap and Swing.
Buy & Sell
This is the P2P exchange, where users trade the supported currencies with their local currencies, and directly with each other.
Here, Remitano allows users to invest in certain coins to make a profit when they appreciate value.
With this feature, users can instantly swap one cryptocurrency for another.

How to register with Remitano?

For you to get start using Remitano, you must create an account and please note that you are only allowed to register if you are at least 18 years or older. To register, you must;
Visit their official website at
Click on the purple ‘Login/Register’ link on the main menu.
You will be presented with four Sign Up options namely;
Click on your preferred method and Sign Up
You will notice that this is one of the easiest registration processes, after registering, you should make sure to update your account information to be more convenient during the transaction.

How to deposit funds with Remitano?

Making a deposit with Remitano is extremely easy, it is important to note that Remitano supports cryptocurrency deposits as well as deposits using fiat currencies. In South Africa, Fiat deposits are not supported.
Making a Crypto Deposit
In order to make a Crypto deposit, you must;
Go to the Dashboard dropdown menu and select “Wallets”
Chose the wallet into which you wish to deposit, in this case Bitcoin, and click the “Deposit” icon.
Scan the QR Code or copy the address to your external Bitcoin wallet and deposit your already held BTC into your Remitano BTC Wallet.
Please note that your deposit must be greater than 0.000001 BTC to be credited. There are no deposit fees for making a Bitcoin deposit.
Making a Fiat Deposit
In order to make a Fiat deposit, you must:
Go to the Dashboard dropdown menu and select “Wallets”
Chose the wallet for ZAR and click on ‘Deposit’
Enter the amount you with to deposit (please note that Remitano does not collect ZAR deposit fee, however, in some instances, you may have to bear a small transaction fee charged directly by the processing bank.)
Click on ‘Next’
Click on ‘Transfer to FNB’
How to withdraw funds with Remitano?
It is important for you to know how to withdraw funds from your Remitano account because that is the whole purpose of trading. In order for you to make a withdrawal, you must;
Go to the dashboard and click to the “withdraw”
Key in the amount you want to withdraw.
Create an account to withdraw your money (please note that the system will remember your account and you don’t have to key in your account again.)
Click “Confirm” to withdraw your money
Click “withdraw” after checking all the details again
Check the status of the withdrawal

Which cryptocurrencies does Remitano offer?

Remitano offers over 8 cryptocurrencies and we are hopeful the company will soon provide more cryptocurrencies for their customers. The cryptocurrencies available on this platform are:
Tether USDT
Bitcoin Cash
Binance Coin
Remitano Customer Care
Remitano has a 24-7 customer support service and this is great because customers are able to receive help any time. Below are the communication channels on the pltform;
Phone Number – +61386588805