Yellow Card Login Guide

Yellow Card is a popular cryptocurrency exchange which operates in several African countries namely Botswana, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, DR-Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi amongst others. You can expect a great service on the Yellow Card platform as it is an experienced exchange having been launched about 7 years ago in the year 2016. What makes Yellow Card popular is because it offers quite a number of cryptocurrencies on their platform and the cryptocurrencies they offer are some of the best in the industry like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether. Not only does the exchange have the best cryptocurrencies, the process of buying and selling these cryptocurrencies is simplified such that even beginners can start trading hassle free. You will also be pleased to know that Yellow Card has some of the the best trading rates with zero fees. Yellow card supports quite a number of Fiat currencies in the countries they operate in, some of the fiat currencies supported are Nigerian Naira, Kenyan Shilling, CFA Franc and Tanzanian Shilling. Yellow Card has a very beautiful online trading platform which is available on the website and mobile versions, and the good thing is both platforms will give you a great experience. Yellow Card also has a mobile App which is available on both Android and iOS. Registration is a prerequisite on the platform and after registering, you are required to login each time you wish to trade. Below is the steps you need to take when logging in.

How to login with Yellow Card?

In order for you to login, you must:
Visit the Yellow Card platform at
Click on the ‘login’ link on the main menu
Input your Phone Number and Password on the registration page
Click on the ‘login’ button and if all the details are correct, you will immediately get access into your account.

Yellow Card Password Reset Process?
Yellow Card is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers the safest way to buy and sell bitcoin and also send, receive and store your crypto with your bitcoin wallet on Yellow Card. At the moment Yellow Card is available in more than 14 countries and more countries will be included very soon. In order for you to start trading on the Yellow Card platform, you must open a Yellow Card account and the good thing is that for you to open a Yellow Card account, you must simply visit the Yellow Card web app or download the Yellow Card mobile app and enter the required details, registration on the Yellow Card platform usually takes less than 3 minutes. Yellow Card offers so much more than just buying and selling crypto, there are several benefits of using this platform which include enjoying free local and cross-border transfers, easily tracking all payments and several other benefits and features. Yellow Card offers its customers with a variety of payment methods including Bank Transfers and Mobile Money, and this of course depends on your region, please note that you can also buy crypto directly from a Yellow Card merchant near you. To have access to the Yellow Card platform, you are required to register for an account and if it happens that after registering, you have forgotten your password, there is an easy way you can use to reset your password and recover your account.
How to reset your Yellow Card password?
In order for you to reset your password, you must:
Visit the Yellow Card platform at
Click on the ‘login’ link on the main menu
Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the main menu
Enter the phone number you registered your account with
Click on the ‘Send password reset code’ button
Yellow Card will send a code to your email address to reset your password.