Yellow Card

If you are a football fan, you must obviously have heard about yellow card, but that is not the ‘Yellow card’ which is being reviewed here, Yellow Card is a popular cryptocurrency exchange which was launched about 7 years ago in the year 2016. Yellow Card has grown significantly ever since it was launched and is now available in a number of countries including Botswana, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, DR-Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi amongst other countries. See our Yellow Card Login Guide.
Yellow Card is popular because it offers the best cryptocurrencies at the moment because at the end of the day, it is not just about the number of cryptocurrencies but they have to be quality as well, the cryptocurrencies on the platform include Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether. Not only does the exchange have the best cryptocurrencies, the process of buying and selling these cryptocurrencies is simplified such that even beginners can start trading hassle free. You will also be pleased to know that Yellow Card has some of the the best trading rates with zero fees. Yellow card supports quite a number of Fiat currencies in the countries they operate in, some of the fiat currencies supported are:
Nigerian Naira
Kenyan Shilling
CFA Franc
Tanzanian Shilling
South African Rand
Botswana Pula
Ugandan Shilling
Zambian Kwacha
Ghana Cedi
Rwandan Franc.
There is a couple of supported payment methods on the Yellow Card platform namely:
Bank Transfer
Debit/Credit Card

How to register with Yellow Card?

In order for you to use the services of Yellow Card, you must sign up for an account on their website and this is a simple exercise. To Sign Up, you must:
Visit their official website at
Click on the ‘Get Started’ button.
Fill in the provided registration form with the following details:
First name
Last name
Date of birth
Email Address
Referral code (Optional)
Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button to complete the registration process.

How to buy cryptocurrency on the Yellow Card?

Buying crypto on the Yellow Card platform is extremely easy, you only have to follow the simple steps below:
Visit the Yellow Card website at and login
From your dashboard, select a cryptocurrency you will like to buy
Tap “Buy” and enter the amount of crypto token you want to buy
Review and confirm the details.
Once you confirm the details your wallet will be instantly credited with the tokens you just bought.
How to sell Cryptocurrency on Yellow Card?
You can also sell crypto on the Yellow Card platform and the process is just as simple as that of buying the cryptos, in order for you to sell the cryptocurrency on the Yellow Card platform, you must simply follow the simple steps below:
Visit the Yellow Card website at and login
From your dashboard, select the cryptocurrency you want to sell or go to “Wallets” from your dashboard.
Tap “Sell” and enter the amount of the crypto tokens you want to sell.
Review and confirm the details.
Once you’ve confirmed the details, your local currency wallet will be instantly funded. You can withdraw the money in your local currency wallet to your bank account or in exchange for cash at any time.

How do I make a deposit with Yellow Card?

With Yellow Card, you can make two types of deposits, that is, crypto deposit and fiat deposit and the decision on which type of deposit you wish to make lies sorely with you.
How to Deposit Fiat Money on Yellow Card
You can deposit funds on your Yellow Card account with the 10 fiat currencies supported by Yellow Card, and through multiple payment methods. in order to make a fiat deposit, you must;
Visit the Yellow Card website at and login
On the homepage Click on “Deposit”
Depending on your location there will be various Payment Methods available to you. Select the one you’re most comfortable with.
Enter the required details and follow the instructions.
How to Deposit Cryptocurrency on Yellow Card
As earlier stated, you can also make a crypto deposit on the platform and the good thing is that the process is quite simple, in order to make a crypto deposit, you must:
Visit the Yellow Card website at and login
Log in to your Yellow Card Account
On the homepage, Scroll downwards to “Your currencies”
Click on the currency you wish to Deposit.
Under “Wallet Balances” select “Receive”
Click on the Copy Icon or Scan in order to get your Cryptocurrency Address.
You should be able to see your incoming cryptocurrency under the “Transaction History” of that currency.
How do I make a withdrawal Bitcoin to Mobile Money with Yellow Card?
The Yellow Card withdrawal process is also a simplified one, in order for you to withdraw Bitcoin from your Yellow Card account using Mobile Money, you must follow the simple steps below:
Visit the Yellow Card website at and login
Click Withdraw on your dashboard
Select MoMo and choose your preferred network provider
Input your MoMo number and the desired amount
Tap Review & Confirm
Input your Transaction PIN
Confirm details.
Which cryptocurrencies does Yellow Card offer?
Please note that there is no huge amount of cryptocurrencies on the platform because Yellow Card currently supports only a total of 3 cryptocurrencies namely:
Tether (USDT)
Ethereum and Tether are available to select users based on their Tier and other variables.
Yellow Card Customer Care
You can get in touch with Yellow Card via;
Contact Form